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Swedish researcher develops new energy-saving method for plug-in hybrids

STOCKHOLM, May 20 (Xinhua) — Researchers in Sweden has developed a method to make optimal use of battery for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to save feul consumptions, said Chalmers University of Technology in a statement.

The new strategy can make the electric vehicle remember the commuter routes and thereby make optimal use of the battery during long distance driving. This new method can reduce fuel consumption up to 10 percent compared to conventional methods, the statement released by the Swedish university said on Monday.

For longer trips both electricity and gasoline or diesel are still needed to travel the entire distance, although plug-in hybrids can reduce the dependence on fossil fuels significantly.

The common solution today is that the internal combustion engine takes over when the battery is depleted of energy, which is a strategy that provides low energy efficiency in the long run.

The new method allows the car itself to identify recurrent routes and pre-compute when the battery should be used, and when running the car on petrol is more energy efficient.


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