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Sustainable Transportation Goes Further than FedEx | 3BL Media

Finding solutions to the planet’s environmental challenges is not something that can happen in silos. At FedEx, we believe in working together with our peers, suppliers, experts and other innovators to look for transformational solutions to reduce fuel and energy consumption. And we’re not just finding answers that work for FedEx, we research and test pioneering technologies that can transform entire industries and have a positive effect on society at large.

Electrifying Transportation
Connecting people and business the world over means we have a large transportation-related carbon footprint, so reducing our carbon emissions is a big focus of our innovation and collaboration efforts. One of the areas where we see big potential to cut emissions is in short-haul transportation, which happens most frequently in dense, urban areas. We believe there is an opportunity to build infrastructure in cities like New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong, London and Paris that could revolutionize transportation for everyone—businesses, commuters, visitors—and that’s why we’ve been investing in electric vehicle charging stations in these cities.



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