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Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada For April: Volt Record Sales


In Canada, the Chevy Volt’s record-setting sales last month overshadowed the Tesla Model S’s equally impressive deliveries the month before, in March.

Building on strong momentum in March, the Chevy Volt tallied 222 sales in April, breaking its own monthly record for deliveries of a single plug-in electric car in Canada (214 units back in September 2012).

It was the third time GM’s electric flagship had reached more than 200 monthly sales in Canada (211 Volts were sold in May 2012). Incentives likely assisted each time.

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Added to roughly 100 sales each month in February and March, the Volt has a good chance of setting a new yearly sales record as well. Two years ago, Chevy sold 1,225 Volts in Canada; this year, after just four months, they’re 40 percent of the way there.


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