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Nissan e-NV200 Production Is Now Underway – Video

Nissan’s long anticipated 2nd all-electric vehicle based on the Nissan LEAF – the e-NV200 electric can has entered production today in Barcelona, Spain.

The first job for the €100 million euro project is to get 100 of the new EVs to British Gas as a fleet order before making them available to the general public in the UK next month.

The e-NV 200 will also be available in Japan straight out of the gate, as well as some other Euro-regions shortly thereafter (like Germany and France in June).

Nissan says plans to export the van globally are still on track, although still no specific word on its US release; if we had to hazard a guess we would pencil in first half of 2015 for the e-NV200′s US release. Nissan says it has plans to roll it out initially to 20 international markets.

As an example of pricing, in Germany the EV starts from €25,058, or about $35,000 USD.


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