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Nissan e-NV200: first electric van to cost from £13,393 | Auto Express

Nissan has announced prices for its new e-NV200 van, which costs from £13,393. Besides the lower-than-expected price, Nissan is claiming the e-NV200 will have running costs a mere fraction of a regular diesel-powered van’s. The e-NV200 van also previews a new all-electric taxi design which Nissan is preparing to replace London’s classic black cabs from 2015.

The headline £13,393 figure is for the entry-level Nissan e-NV200 Acenta van, when bought with a lease package for the battery. The outright on-the-road price is £16,562.20, including the £8000 UK government grant applicable to all plug-in vans sold here. The electric van is exempt from the London Congestion Charge and annual road tax. The e-NV200 is also available as a five-seater ‘combi’ model, which qualifies for a £5000 electric car grant.

Add those benefits to the fuel savings (Nissan aims a drop in running costs of £2500 a year, with servicing costs falling £575) and the e-NV200 could cost as little as two pence per mile to run, according to Nissan’s own bullish figures. The figures are based around a four-year ownership period coveting 9375 miles a year. Meanwhile, a battery rental package will set you back between £61 and £109 per month, depending on annual mileage.

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