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More Bangaloreans switching to electric vehicles

BANGALORE: If you are driving a Rs 6 lakh petrol car and travel about 35km a day in Bangalore, you’d be spending about Rs 7000 on fuel. But for an electric car, you’d shell out less than half that amount (nearly Rs 3000) to charge the vehicle. No wonder that Electric Vehicles are becoming so popular in Bangalore that it’s the frontrunner in uptake for urban mobility.

The United Nations Habitat (UN Habitat) created an Action Platform on Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI) last week to promote uptake of electric vehicles for countries and cities. And Bangalore is in the forefront. Unfortunately, the state government’s laidback attitude towards the incentive-driven market is not really helping innovations in the automobile sector.

Manufacturers like Mahindra Reva, an electric car manufacturer, and GoGreen Battery Operated Vehicle (BOV) are penetrating fast into the south Indian markets. Reva was acquired by automobile giant Mahindra in 2010 and has sold over 4,000 electric cars of many versions since March 2011.


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