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Looking for an electric car below $25,000? Read this

Building automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries packs is an expensive business. Automakers are notoriously secretive about just how much they pay for such batteries, but it’s thought to be a five-figure sum for most electric cars and considerably more for long-range models like the Tesla Model S.

That’s why the Kia Soul costs around $15,000 in its most basic form yet those who buy an ‘electrified’ version later this year will pay around $40,000. It’s the same story for the Volkswagen Golf, oil-burning versions of which will come with a sticker price of $25,000 – or thereabouts – this July, but when the e-Golf arrives in November it will trade for no less than $35,000.

The smart electric drive is hard to fault in the city.

This is nothing new; novel technology always comes at a premium, but it’s frustrating for many people who aspire to zero emissions mobility. The price of batteries is coming down steadily (quite quickly, actually), and by 2020 most electric cars will likely sit below the top-spec gasoline model in the range in terms of price, which is encouraging. But it doesn’t help us now, so what is available


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