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In Oslo, Electric Cars Drive Bus Operators Crazy

Electric vehicles are on the rise in the Norwegian capital, but should they be allowed to drive in the bus lane?

OSLO—The rise of the electric vehicle may be working to chip away at emissions here in oil-rich Norway, but it is creating an unexpected headache for some of the most important people in the nation’s big city—bus drivers.

In the capital, Oslo, sales of electric vehicles have ballooned as well-heeled Norwegians take advantage of generous government incentives aimed at juicing sales of cars that run on batteries. Incentives include a number of tax breaks, free car-charging stations in municipal parking lots and exemptions from certain tolls.

But the biggest prize may be the unfettered access electric cars have to bus lanes. Oslo’s traffic can be gnarly during rush hour, and people are increasingly turning to the Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and Peugeot UG.FR +1.71% iOn, vehicles that qualify them to take the faster track without worries about fines.

This is good for the environment, but bad for drivers of buses who are trying to stay on schedule.


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