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Google Glass App from SemaConnect Directs Electric Vehicle Drivers to Nearest Charging Stations

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2014 /Nassau News Live/ – SemaConnect, one of the largest producers of commercial grade electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in North America, announced today the launch of its Google Glass app SemaConnect for Glass designed to leverage augmented reality to make navigation to EV charging stations faster and easier. The new app allows EV drivers to locate the closest charging stations within a 20-mile radius, enable turn-by-turn navigation to station locations, and initiate a charging session; all in a hands-free experience via a digital user interface designed specifically for Google Glass.

The SemaConnect for Glass app, which was submitted for review in May, will become available for download through the MyGlass app in the Android and Apple stores.

“We are pleased to be offering an additional choice for electric vehicle drivers and to further enhance our eco-system with charging options,” said Mahi Reddy, Founder and CEO at SemaConnect. “This innovative and ground-breaking new app gives drivers even more freedom to choose how they prefer to charge their vehicle, and showcases our commitment to developing cutting-edge applications in a tech-driven world.”

Electric vehicle drivers that use SemaConnect EV charging stations will be pioneering one of the many ways to find stations, start and stop a charging session and seamlessly process payments utilizing Google Glass. SemaConnect for Glass has enabled an all-new process of convenient EV charging, adding to an existing suite of options including SemaConnect’s smart card, toll free number, website, and PlugShare app for iPhone and Android.

Since its establishment in 2008, SemaConnect has quickly become one of the largest providers of smart networked Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in North America, boasting clientele such as Walgreens, Cisco Systems, Dunkin Donuts, Jones Lang LaSalle, and more. The company’s offerings of charging solutions in a variety of markets is now further supported by a Google Glass application that makes charging easier than ever before.

SemaConnect’s networked electric vehicle charging stations and web-based management software make it easy for station owners to deploy at their properties. The stations are sophisticated networked Level II (240Volts, 30Amps) commercial grade and come bundled with web-based management software that station owners can:

About SemaConnect
SemaConnect is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions and sophisticated software for station owners and electric vehicle drivers in North America. SemaConnect’s ChargePro charging stations are wirelessly networked and offer advanced features such as smart-grid integration, electricity metering, sustainability reporting and a suite of ways to start/stop a charging session. The company’s ChargePro stations can be found at municipal, parking, multifamily, office, hotel and retail locations at convenient locations across North America. Visit to learn more about owning, managing or using a ChargePro station.


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