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Fully Electric Version Of Volvo XC90 SUV In The Works | CleanTechnica

A fully electric version of Volvo’s soon-to-be-released SUV ― the XC90 ― is already in the works, according to recent reports.

Volvo XC90

While the conventional version of the 2014 XC90 is still yet to make it to market, there’s already a whole range of other versions in the pipeline ― including a plug-in hybrid version that will launch sometime relatively soon after the regular version, and a fully electric version that will likely hit the market sometime in 2016 or 2017.

The timeframe on those versions depends, to a fair degree, on what happens with Audi’s as-yet-unnamed electric SUV ― as well as the probably delayed Tesla Model X. Those two electric SUVs would represent the core of the electric XC90′s competition.

With regard to the Audi electric SUV (the Q8?), it’s been rumored that it will possess a range of up to 370 miles per charge ― a substantial range that would put it around 60 miles above the Model S. In order to compete, the Volvo XC90 electric SUV would probably need to possess quite a substantial range itself.



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