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Electric car supply & demand: Which countries dominate the market?

There are well-known geographical trends for international buying habits in the automotive world, yet new technology will soon influence these trends and political pressure will alter them further.

For now they still hold strong. Drivers in the United Kingdom, for example, have long exhibited an insatiable appetite for imperious German cars. And those with a driving licence in the US prop up the Japanese automakers by buying hundreds of thousands of their reliable but ultimately prosaic sedans. The French, on the other hand, have done, currently do, and will always buy French. It’s almost a law.

Electric cars are subtly altering the status quo, however, as their sales are heavily influenced by local politics, prevalent social attitudes, and of course the cost of energy. So who are the emerging power players in the dawning era of electromobility?

Consulting firm McKinsey & Company have kindly supplied with some graphs that provide the answer – or at least part of the picture. The company’s ‘Electric Vehicle Index’ plots import/export data and sales figures from the world’s largest automotive economies and generates a ranking of ‘importance’. As you can see below, no single country is currently regarded as being much more significant than the rest, although it’s not quite that simple.


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