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Ecotricity and Nissan install UK electric-car-charging network

Over half of the UK’s service stations have charging points these days, putting an end to drivers’ ‘range anxiety’

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Nicolette Fox
Guardian Professional, Thursday 15 May 2014 05.46 EDT

Electric highway
The charge points use a membership card scheme to allow access to the network. Charging and membership are free right now. Photograph: Michael Thomas Jones/Ecotricity

The electric highway is with us. If you are travelling in an electric car, you can get all the way from Southampton to Scotland using a network of fast charging points – and thanks to the solar and wind energy provided by Ecotricity, it will cost you nothing.

The electric highway provides the infrastructure for a revolutionary change in transport, which is the second biggest source of climate changing carbon emissions.

Ecotricity, in partnership with Nissan, has installed electric vehicle rapid-charging infrastructure at over half the UK’s motorway service stations. This addresses so-called “range anxiety” which has been seen as one of the barriers to electric vehicle adoption.

After the initial installation of fast chargers in 2012, last year saw a rapid acceleration, with chargers placed at over 100 locations and contracts secured with operators including Welcome Break, Moto and Roadchef services, as well as Ikea stores. The charging points allow drivers of electric cars to charge their vehicles from 0-80% in around 20 minutes on motorways including the M4, M3 and M23.


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