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City embraces eco-initiatives

Two electric vehicle charging stations will be installed within city boundaries, if City of Powell River council agrees to a recommendation from the sustainability steering committee.

If approved, the estimated project cost of $18,000 would come from the Community Works Fund, which is where the city houses its federal gas tax funds, and would effectively serve to extend the current electric car grid.

The initiative was drafted by Thomas Knight, planning manager for the Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), and members of the committee.

“One of the stations will be located at Town Centre Mall,” Knight stated. “The installation of the charging stations will extend the electric vehicle grid, which is currently limited to the Sechelt/Gibsons area, and reduce carbon emissions.”

A staff report on electric charging stations, in addition to a report on CEEP, also includes a recommendation to use a SMARTTool application to track annual carbon emissions. Knight said the ability to track reduction in the city’s carbon footprint is key to outlining areas where the program has been effective and areas where improvement is required.

Also in Knight’s recommendation are plans to organize a green buildings workshop for the benefit of builders and the development community to showcase renewable energy technologies. The plan will run in conjunction with programs and initiatives by BC Hydro, FortisBC and among local business owners who wish to participate.

At Knight’s urging, council will consider a sustainability and heritage awards program to raise awareness and recognize achievement in the areas of sustainable development and to reward efforts to preserve and maintain local historical landmarks, architecture and heritage preservation.



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