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California seeks to reach the Tesla “gigafactory” short list

While California-based electric automaker Tesla initially only selected four states on its proposed locations for the battery factory, the home state now seeks to enter the competition.

Tesla Motors nominated earlier this year for its $5 billion plus Li-Ion battery gigafactory the states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas. But lately, California has been fighting its way to reach the list, although even Tesla doesn’t give much chances to its home state.
Now, according to a report coming from the Sacramento Bee newspaper things are heating up, as the Mather Airport business park in Sacramento, California is making its case as a possible location. The paper said that California Governor Jerry Brown’s office that deals with economic development situations already contacted Tesla and the county’s officials in regards to the Mather business park.
Tesla also heated up the competition after it revealed that it wants to break ground for the factory in two states – for reasons of investment safety – and only after that select the final location.
According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the home states is “sort of improbable” for the gigafactory location, because of the legal procedures undertaken in California over environmental regulations – the often lengthy approvals would not be feasible with the internal schedule of Tesla.


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