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BMW i3 REx Priced at $69,900 in Australia, BEV from $63,990

The BMW i3 BEV and REx has received a price tag in Australia. How’s $69,900 sound for the REx? Or $63,990 for the regular all-electric version? In US dollars that works out to be $64,700 and $59,300 respectively.
BMW i3

BMW i3

Currently, the Nissan LEAF is the top-selling electric vehicle in Australia. Its price tag of $39,990 is the #1 reason it sells. Competing plug-in vehicles are outrageously overpriced in Australia, so the market belongs to the LEAF.

At $69,000, the BMW i3 REx isn’t much more expensive than the overpriced extended range Holden Volt ($59,990 AUD or $61,900 US, but still it’s too expensive to ever think that it will sell in volume there. Additionally, the REx version adds $10,000 to the price tag.

Australia’s EV market, at least in terms of selection, is tiny. The BMW i3 becomes only the fourth (LEAF, i-MiEV, Volt) electric offering there, though we’ll note that the i-MiEV is now longer available in Australia due to weak sales.


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