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Beijing mandates charging posts for electric cars

A charging station in Beijing. (File photo/CNS)

New residential communities in Beijing will have to install power-charging posts for 18% of their parking units, as well as a power supply source, according to a new Beijing government plan aiming to popularize use of electric cars and combat smog.

The plan, dubbed Enforcement Rules for Power-Charging Facilities for New-Energy Passenger Cars in Beijing, calls for the installation of 1,000 rapid DC electricity charging posts this year. The city government is expected to install 100 public rapid power-charging facilities in the first half of the year.

A lack of charging posts is one of the main reasons for the wait-and-see attitude among Beijing citizens in purchasing pure electric cars.

Xia Baoshan, standing vice chairman of the Beijing Association of Automobile Manufacturers, reported that a number of difficulties are blocking the installation of private power charging facilities in the city, including a lack of parking space in old communities, a lack of extra power capacity in communities, the absence of safety standards for such facilities, and a lack of public space for such facilities in communities.


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