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Bamboo solar carport coming to charge your BMW i3 |

Remember that incredible foldable solar charging station Volvo built for the V60 Plug-in Hybrid? Well now BMW has got in on the act with a slightly more conventional but equally beautiful solar carport for the i3 and i8 electric cars.

The structure, designed by thevisionaries at BMW DesignWorksUSA, uses fast-growing bamboo, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and steel to support a glass roof containing solar panels. The solar glass-on-glass modules are incredibly robust – almost indestructible, in fact, and are used structurally in skyscrapers – but also translucent, offering shade without completely blocking out the sun.

Power generated from the sun is delivered to the BMW i Wallbox Pro that charges the car. Power from the grid can also be used if time if short, but it’s possible to program the charging station via a seven-inch touchscreen to use only renewable energy. The plug-in hybrid i8 takes two hours to charge at 3.6kWh,according to BMW Blog, while the pure electric i3 takes three hours at 7.4kWh.



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