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Answering Your Electric Car Questions: Fiat 500e Review, Charging Stations, Accessing More Data

At Transport Evolved towers we get a lot of emails from current and potential electric car owners asking us what we think about a specific car, piece of technology or asking us how a certain type of device works. We try our best to answer as many of these questions as possible, but from time to time we come across questions that we think deserve a wider audience. This is our semi-regular feature where we answer these questions for you.
Will Mark and Nikki ever get to experience the Fiat 500e?

Will Mark and Nikki ever get to experience the Fiat 500e?

Thanks for your reviews of new EVs. Any chance you have reviewed (or will be reviewing) the Fiat 500e?

Thank you for watching our reviews. Both Nikki and Mark would love to have a go in the Fiat 500e and give it a review but as this car is a compliance car and only sold in selected markets in the US, it is unlikely it is something we will be able to bring to you.

Fiat has no plans to bring this car our in Europe, which we believe is a shame.

We have a few contacts in the US and will work with them to try and bring a review to you in a similar style to that of Nikki and Mark in the UK.


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