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Yamaha to produce PES1 and PED1 by 2016 –Brushless DC Motor with Li – ion battery promises >100 km? | AEG India

Yamaha has show cased the exclusive PES1 and PED1 electric bikes at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 that was held in the month of November last year. There was no information about the models since then and to the surprise of all, Yamaha has now announced that PES1 and PED1 are going to be produced for the consumer market very soon.
Very few people believed that both these electric bikes will reach show rooms and would be available for sale. Yamaha has described that PES stands for ‘Passion. Electric. Street’ and PED stands for ‘Passion. Electric. Dirt’ respectively. Yamaha is likely to make both these bikes available for sale by the end of 2016 most probably. As the name describes, PES1 is going to be a street commuter bike whereas the PED1 is going to be off road friendly. It is more like a dirt bike but may also suit for the city roads.

PES1 comes with unique body design and PED1 looks like a traditional dirt bike mostly except the absence of fuel tank. PES1 has a curvy design at the place of fuel tank and it is going to be a single seated bike. Both these bikes will come equipped with the same parts mostly and both are made from the same monocoque frame. Both PES1 and PED1 are powered with a brushless DC motor which is integrated in the monocoque frame. Engine comes accompanied with a Lithium ion battery which is expected to promise appreciable range on a single charge.
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