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Want to Sell That Electric Car? Here’s What to Consider

New EV sales figures for 2014 are low, with only 32,990 sold in January 2014 and 37,606 in February, according to the Electric Drive Transportation Administration. These figures are weaker than any month of electric vehicle sales figures from 2013. For current EV owners, the slowed demand may signal a shift toward increased interest in used electric vehicles, which offer lowered entry price points for those who may be otherwise priced out of the market. If you have an electric vehicle and would consider reselling, learning who is interested in buying a used EV can help you.
Target market for used EVs

A used EV like the Nissan Leaf, which has an EPA rating of 73 miles, is ideal for people with short commutes, or who rarely take long road trips. It would make a good second car for a working parent or a commuter car for someone only driving to the next town. For someone regularly driving across state, the need (and time spent) to stop and charge the EV would negate cost savings and convenience. Knowing who to target can help you set prices for your EV and identify ways to sell using local community resources.


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