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VW ready to spend $25B on at least 6 EVs in China by 2018 – AutoblogGreen

Standing next to the lovely GTE plug-in hybrid during the Beijing Motor Show, VWCEO Martin Winterkorn announced a renewed, $25-billion focus for the German automaker on electric mobility in China. EVs + China is not a new equation for VW (see here and here and here), but the time is now for the plan to come together, apparently. As Winterkorn said in a statement (available below), “We are launching the biggest initiative for e-mobility in China’s automotive history.”

“We are launching the biggest initiative for e-mobility in China’s automotive history” – Martin Winterkorn

With the Porsche Panamera S E-hybridalready in showrooms, the next tip of the spear is made up of the all-electric e-up! and e-Golf, both of which are due later this year. In 2015, the Audi A3 e-tron andGolf GTE will arrive. In 2016, there will be two exclusive-to-China plug-in hybrid vehicles in showrooms: a A6 PHEV and a “new mid-size limousine from the Volkswagen brand.” VW Group may even throw in the Bentley Hybrid Concept for good measure. The China-only models will be built in the country and VW is investing over $25 billion between now and 2018, creating an expected 20,000 jobs.


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