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VW e-Golf, like LEAF, will have air-cooled battery

Though Nissan LEAF owners in hot climates like Arizona have complained of extreme heat dramatically reducing their range due to an ineffective battery cooling system, the soon-to-arrive Volkswagen e-Golf will also lack an active liquid cooling system. VW says they don’t need it.

Every battery is different. Automakers use different li-ion chemistries, different shapes and sizes of cells, and different thermal management systems. Nissan made headlines for huge range loss experienced by some LEAF owners in the southwest United States because the air-cooled battery could not sufficiently moderate its temperature.

Since then, rather than switch to a liquid cooling system, Nissan has tweaked their battery chemistry to be more heat-tolerant. Adding a dedicated liquid cooling circuit, as in vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Chevrolet Volt, adds cost, weight, and complexity which Nissan is loath to do as they attempt to drive costs down.
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