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USA More electric car chargers to be added to campus parking lots

A Nissan LEAF uses one of the two charging stations located in the F5 parking lot, Apr. 21. They are the only fast-charge stations on campus and can charge a drive range between 60 to 80 miles in about 20 minutes. Photo Credit: Lucas Esposito / Daily Sundial

In continuing to work toward reducing commuter emissions and miles by faculty, staff and students, CSUN has added additional electric vehicle charging stations on campus while mechanical engineering students develop alternative energy charging stations.

An updated set of electric charging stations were installed on campus in fall of 2013, as part of the campus sustainability plan.

The plan to reduce emissions and pollution was first enabled in fall 2012 by CSUN President Dianne Harrison, through the CSUN Institute for Sustainability and Physical Plant Management.

The current charging stations acquire power through the existing electrical power stored in CSUN’s main power grid, which consists of traditional and solar energy.

There are currently eight electric vehicle charging stations on campus. Two stations are located in the F5 parking lot, there are stations in B4, G3 and G9.

Additional stations will be located in B2 and G4 parking lots.

The CSUN Department of Parking and Transportation and the senior design class are working in a joint effort to develop energy efficiency by using solar energy.

Abhijit Mukherjee, faculty director of the Energy Research Center of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, explained how students use alternative energy in the form of solar power in order to bring power to the charging stations.


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