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Ubitricity: What If You Could Charge Your EV Just About Anywhere?

As the adoption rate of electric vehicles picks up and the network of fast-charge stations gets built out, the conversation around proprietary standards versus open networks becomes louder. Companies like Tesla do their own thing, building out ultra fast chargers with the prospect of free electricity and swappable batteries. NRG’s EVGo and ChargePoint establish their own proprietary networks, while companies such as Greenlots – and much of Europe – argue for open standards. Sooner or later, this issue around the fast charging stations, and who has access to what, will get settled.

In the meantime, Ubitricity – a small company in Germany – is pioneering a novel and completely different approach: letting the (more patient) EV owner charge up just about anywhere. Ubitricity’s idea is that many EV owners won’t necessarily need to charge in 30 minutes, since most of the time their cars are stationary anyway. So why not create an environment where they can charge up at many different outlets, taking the metering software and charging infrastructure with them?


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