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Transfer Power Wirelessly Within 5m Radius

Wireless charging might be the future, as that would mean there is no longer any more need to grapple with unsightly cables and wires. After all, it would also translate to having one less thing to carry in your suitcase on your travels, but how about expounding on wireless charging by taking things to the next level – that is, wireless power? Apparently, Chun T. Rim, a professor of Nuclear & Quantum Engineering at KAIST, alongside his team, have already demonstrated an improvement in allowing electric power to travel sans wires, calling it the Dipole Coil Resonant System (DCRS) that offers an extended range of inductive power transfer within a 5 meter radius.

Long distance wireless power transfer is definitely something that is worth looking into by companies and research bodies, since it would make life a whole lot more convenient and easier. The DCRS solution boasts of an optimally designed coil structure which features a couple of magnetic dipole coils, with a primary one used to induce a magnetic field, while the secondary one is to receive electric power.

Initial experiments have showed promising results, where under the operation of 20kHz, the maximum output power stood at 1,403W over a 3 meter distance. Not too shabby, eh?


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