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Toyota adding thousands to deals to move slow-selling RAV 4 EV – Torque News

Toyota is having difficulty selling the RAV 4s it needs to in order to comply with government mandates. Those looking for an EV crossover could get a great deal.
Toyota is having trouble moving the California-only RAV 4 EV crossover and to move them is offering an incredible discount on leases. Toyota has to sell all the RAV 4 EVs I makes as part of its compliance with the California Air Resources Board mandates, so it will stop at nothing to move the unpopular electric conversions.

We noticed the RAV 4 EVs troubles first while reviewing the monthly sales figures Toyota publishes. More specifically, we noticed that it does not even appear on that publication. We like Inside EVs’ monthly EV tally and that publication shows that the RAV 4 EV sells in number of less than 100 per month. Some months the number is way less.

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