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Toshiba announces fast charging wireless integrated circuit – AndroidPIT

Toshiba announced a new integrated circuit that will allow wireless chargers to finally charge devices as fast as their wired counterparts. The chip is said to be compatible with the Qi standard.

Toshiba announces circuit for faster wireless charging. / © Toshiba
The Toshiba chip named, TC7763WBG, will finally give future wireless charging devices the ability to charge supported phones just as fast as if they were plugged in via cable. The chip touts a maximum of 5 watts of output and 95% power conversion efficiency. That’s some great numbers.

With wireless chargers having the ability to keep up with the standard wired chargers, users can do away with the hassle of having cords getting in the way. It very well could be the type of tech that could bring wireless chargers into the forefront. While there are various wireless charger manufacturers on various standards, such as the Qi standard. The new Toshiba chip will definitely give devices on the Qi standard the edge they may need to take over.



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