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This startup figured out how to charge devices wirelessly through walls from 40 feet away – GeekWire

Hatem Zeine stands in front of a Cota prototype power transmitter at Ossia’s company headquarters in Redmond.

It’s been more than 12 years since Hatem Zeine first shared his crazy idea for wireless power with friends and colleagues. Back then, though, none of his peers really believed anything Zeine said.

“And your next invention is time travel, right?” they would respond.

Well, time travel isn’t quite here yet. But wireless charging — the kind that can go through walls and power devices more than 40 feet away — is coming to life at a startup just a few miles away from Microsoft’s headquarters.

Ossia CEO Hatem Zeine with a Cota prototype device. Photo via Ossia.

It’s in this small Redmond office where Zeine’s six-year-old company,Ossia, is quietly building technology that can charge the electronic devices we rely on more than ever today — all without cords.

“I want my 3-year-old to grow up and never know about charging devices,” Zeine, a trained physicist and former Microsoft engineer, told us last week.



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