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Tesla Will Build Cars And Charging Stations

Tesla has done a surprisingly good job of stealing sales from its high-end German competition in the U.S. Now the upstart company aims to do the same in China, the world’s largest automotive market, with both cars and charging stations.

As Tesla delivered its first Model S sedans to eight customers in Beijing this week, CEO Elon Musk announced that the company plans to start local manufacturing in China within the next three to four years, Bloomberg reports.

Doing so would allow them to sell the Model S without the stiff 25 percent import tariff; the car costs about $115,000 in China. The company hopes to sell as many cars in China as they do in the U.S. by next year.
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And with this plan comes something even more ambitious: getting the Chinese to buy electric cars. So far buyers there haven’t been terribly interested in electrics even though the government is trying to address its notorious pollution problem. From Bloomberg:

Competing carmakers are watching Tesla’s entry into the country closely. China lags behind its target of 5 million alternative energy-powered vehicles by 2020 as a lack of charging stations and high costs deter buyers, even as air pollution worsens and chokes its inhabitants.


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