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New ChargeLounge allows drivers and their EVs to replenish their batteries

What to do with yourself while your electric car takes a half hour break for a rapid charge. It may be something that many EV drivers have pondered over the years.

While rapid chargers at service stations provide the perfect opportunity for a coffee break, not all charging station locations are so well catered for. Now one company has a solution. Fraunhofer IAO reveals its new ChargeLounge; a unique concept which incorporates quick charging for EVs with a waiting lounge for drivers, inspired by the kind of lounge airline passengers use at the airport.


The concept will be revealed to the public for the first time at the Hannover Messe next week (April 7-11, 2014). While drivers wait for their car to recharge, the ChargeLounge gives them access to an adjoining waiting space, where they can enjoy a free coffee and access the internet via wireless LAN. There is even a meeting room, which business travellers can rent, to allow them to make the best use of waiting time to catch up with colleagues and business partners.


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