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[network] Tesla Motors opens electric car ‘supercharger’ in Hamilton |

HAMILTON — You can’t buy a Tesla Motors electric car in New Jersey but, starting today, you can fully charge one.

Tesla Motors executives, legislators and an army of Tesla owners were on hand at Hamilton Marketplace today to unveil the electric car company’s 100th “supercharger,” a high-speed public charging station for drivers of its Model S car.

“By the end of next year, 98 percent of Americans will be 100 miles or less from a supercharger,” said James Chen, Tesla vice president of regulatory affairs. “The superchargers we’ve put in place have saved over a half million gallons of gasoline, that’s 14 million miles supercharged. … In the last week alone, we’ve had 5,000 vehicles come by and supercharge at one of our stations.”

Supercharger station Tesla Motors, the California-based maker of the award-winning Model S electric sedan, officially opens its 100th worldwide Supercharger station on Thursday, April 24th. The Supercharger station, which will the company’s first in the State of New Jersey is located in the Barnes & Noble parking lot in the Hamilton Marketplace along Route 130 northbound just of Highway 195 Exit 5A .


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