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[network] Cadillac ELR Now Has Access To ChargePoint Charging Network | GM Authority

Cadillac has announced a partnership with ChargePoint, the world’s largest and most open network of electric vehicle charging stations, which will give ELR customers access to more than 16,500 charging stations on the ChargePoint network.
“ChargePoint is thrilled that Cadillac, a marquee brand in the luxury car industry, has developed an electric vehicle for its customers,” Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint CEO, said in a statement. “With the ELR, Cadillac is helping drive the rapid growth of EVs by offering an innovative and premium vehicle. We are confident that as more EV options come out, more people will make the switch to electric.”
Cadillac put the electrified ELR luxury coupe on sale in December of 2013. All 2014 and 2015 ELRs will include a ChargePoint Driver Kit in the owner’s manual, providing access to its EV charging stations, many of which Cadillac says are located where EV drivers might work, eat, shop and spend recreational time.

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