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Lineboro couple takes Nissan Leaf on ‘Electric Road Trip’

Jonathan Slade, an associate professor at McDaniel College, and his wife, Novia Campbell, pose with their 2012 Nissan Leaf they drove more than 500 miles across Maryland, from Oakland to Ocean City. (Photo courtesy Larry Canner/Maryland / September 19, 2013)


By Blair Ames,

10:00 a.m. EDT, April 4, 2014

Jonathan Slade and his wife, Novia Campbell, are no strangers to road trips.

After watching a Maryland Public TV special ranking the best breakfast restaurants in America, Slade and Campbell set off just a week later for Portland, Ore., where the two best breakfast spots on the special were located. The couple made their way across the country in July 2010, and then stayed in Portland for two days — making sure to grab breakfast at each diner they saw on the special.

“We have a history of taking these crazy driving trips,” Slade, an associate professor of communication and cinema at McDaniel College, said with a laugh.

Slade and his wife’s most recent road trip is nowhere near as long as the trip to Portland, and it could be considered more environmentally friendly.



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