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IAS official shows the way with electric car

It a time when bureaucrats are getting increasingly pushy, demanding the latest luxury cars for themselves and their family, members at the taxpayers’ cost, one IAS officer stands out for being different. Transport Commissioner K Amaranarayana has become the first bureaucrat in the state to opt for an electric car, Mahindra Reva, for his daily commute.

The significance of Amaranarayana’s decision can be fully gauged when one views the larger picture: There are over 40,000 government vehicles in the state and a majority of these ply on Bangalore’s roads. “Assuming the government spends Rs 200 per vehicle on fuel every day, the daily expenditure adds up to Rs 90 lakh. Moreover, the government keeps upgrading its fleet by going in for swanky luxury cars instead of fuel efficiency cars,” says an officer.
With an electric vehicle, the cost comes to a mere Rs 10 per day. Imagine the public money that can be saved in the long run if the others take a leaf from the transport commissioner’s book.

Amaranarayana told Bangalore Mirror he had requested the state government to provide an electric car for his daily commute between residence and office, in November. In his requisition, he had elaborated on the need for using an electric car instead of a petrol car. The official said, “Every day, I commute between Indiranagar and MS Building, located adjacent to the Vidhana Soudha campus, a maximum of 25 km per day. As per the calculations, the government was spending close to Rs 200 per day on fuel, but now, it spends hardly Rs 10. A good amount of public money can be saved in the long run.” The official said he has installed a solar panel in the premises of MS Building to charge the vehicle.

Backing Amanarayana’s initiative, another officer said, “If bureaucrats and netas change their mindset and opt for fuel-efficient cars, the savings will be higher.” Before making a requisition to the state government, officials calculated the operational costs of various cars run on petrol, diesel and electricity.


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