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Guest opinion: Berkeley boost for electric-vehicle charging options

Making electric vehicles an everyday sight on Berkeley’s streets is a core component of the city’s ambitious plan to tackle global warming. As part of the its Climate Action Plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by one-third by 2020, Berkeley is dedicated to promoting the use of vehicles that run on renewable sources or low-carbon fuels.

Meeting the city’s goal requires industry, government and consumers to work together.

This month, two electric vehicle charging units at the Telegraph Avenue Whole Foods are opening, marking the city’s first installation of publicly accessible EV chargers operated by a private enterprise under a pilot city program that fast-tracks permits for charging stations. These two units by NRG eVgo include Berkeley’s first DC Fast Charge station, allowing EV owners to charge their vehicle to 80 percent power in a half-hour or less.

EV drivers in Berkeley will easily be able to power up their cars, and the city will see emission reductions from vehicles.

Due to the city’s substantial streamlining of the permitting process for EV charging stations, eVgo was able to quickly deploy its network in the area. Berkeley’s pilot program seeks to encourage increased adoption of cleaner cars by supporting the installation of charging stations at businesses throughout the community.



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