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Gadget Web Site – Nissan LEAF leads the charge

The Nissan LEAF is the first all-electric car to hit South Africa. SEAN BACHER tries it out and finds it well-kitted, but still needing work.

When we think electric cars, many of us think sluggish, square and heavy vehicles that are more of a novelty than a safe and reliable transport mode.

Nissan has changed this perception with the LEAF (Leading, Environment Friendly, Affordable, Family car), the first all-electric car to reach South African shores. Yes, it is heavy, but it is by no means sluggish and its size makes it a comfortable family car.

On the outside
When I first saw the LEAF I was surprised by its size. I was expecting a little two-door hatchback no bigger than the Ford Ka. But the Nissan LEAF is spacious. It doesn’t have a transmission, doesn’t have a gearbox and doesn’t have any differentials, so all this means more space. Four grown men can fit in it comfortably. The 370-litre boot is big enough to store a set of golf clubs and more. A hidden cargo well is also located in the boot to hide valuables.


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