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Electric vehicle technology could be key future ‘cluster’ – minister

The minister for the environment, land planning and energy has emphasised the environmental and business advantages of investing in electric vehicles, arguing that it is possible to create the conditions for an economic ‘cluster’ in the sector.

Portugal “has a window of opportunity” in the field, Moreira da Silva told Lusa News Agency after a visit to Toyota Caetano, one of the companies he visited during a day devoted to ‘green growth’.
The government on Thursday approved legislation relating to electric vehicles and the network for charging them.
“I have no doubt at all that the energy revolution of the past few years will end up, gradually, replacing some fuels by a greater use of electricity,” he said. “And since that electricity in Portugal is green and renewable we can create the conditions for the development of a cluster linked to electric mobility.”
The majority of electricity generated in Portugal comes from renewable sources.
Moreira da Silva said it was necessary to “learn from some errors that were made in the past” in order to make the most of the opportunities in view, arguing that any investments must be “based on a cost-benefit assessment.”
The right-of-centre government’s Socialist predecessor also invested in the field, but several subsidised projects never came to full fruition.


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