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Electric Highway to get first Combo chargers in May

Ecotricity’s Electric Highway charging point network will get its first Combined Charging System units starting next month, following equipment testing with BMW and Volkswagen.

Likely to become standardised for all plug-in vehicles in Europe, the Combined Charging System (CCS) adds two separate DC rapid charging pins to the Type 2/Mennekes AC connection, allowing electric vehicles to be charged to 80% capacity usually in under half an hour while retaining compatibility with slower units and home wallboxes via the same plug.

The first vehicles already available, or will be soon. BMW has a CCS-based DC charging option on the i3 electric vehicle, and Volkswagen’s e-up! and e-Golf both feature the same connection.

Ecotricity will begin the CCS roll-out installing the first units on the M6 corridor between Birmingham and the Scottish border, but is targeting a six-month roll out to convert its entire Electric Highway network to the new standard. Some will be new locations, while others will add a separate unit alongside the existing AC/DC chargers on the UK’s busiest routes.


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