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Electric cars are now within your reach

That’s correct — you really can afford to buy an electric car. There is a dealer in town who can put you behind the wheel of an almost new electric car for just $25,000.

John Gordon of Green Rock E.V.S. sells used, late-model electric cars at a price that is more affordable than new models. — Photo by Geoff Meeker/Special to The Telegram

That’s still a lot of change, but it’s substantially less than what electric cars cost new. And with the money you save on fuel, they start paying for themselves immediately.

The owner of Green Rock E.V.S. (Electrical Vehicle Solutions), John Gordon is a reseller of electric cars. He keeps his eye on auction sites, classified ads and so on, looking for good buys on “like new” electric vehicles across North America. He services a small but growing demand for “green” vehicles from his home-based business in St. John’s.

Electric cars can be expensive, perhaps a little out of range for many of us. However, by purchasing newer used vehicles, Gordon takes advantage of depreciation and passes on those savings to customers.


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