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Electric Car Sharing: JuiceCar Rents EVs by the Hour or by the Day | PlanetSave

MIn a bid to help make electric cars available and desirable for everyone, a unique business in Athens, Georgia is offering electric vehicles for rent by the hour or by the day.
JuiceCar, which is located at Hotel Indigo in downtown Athens, can give customers a different kind of experience than the standard rental car outlet, whether people are just interested in driving an emissions-free vehicle for the day, or want to ditch their regular car for carsharing, or are curious what it’s like to drive one before they buy one.

“I’ve always thought owning a car can be more of a burden than a benefit. You need it maybe two hours of the day, but you need to find a place to park it, you have to insure it, you have to put gas in it, you have to maintain it. All of that stuff is for a piece of equipment that you use a couple hours a day.” – Mike Jerue, JuiceCarote


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