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Ecotricity Electric Highway Promises Better Reliability, More Quick Charging

Ecotricity, a UK-based utility company known for its commitment to renewable energy and electric cars, has written to its customers promising great things for its Electric Highway of public charging stations — and to apologise for poor network reliability over the past few months.
iMiEV rapid charging on an ecotricity electric highway charger

Ecotricity’s Electric Highway network will get bigger and cover more cars, it promises

In a letter emailed to Electric Highway customers, the utility company broke the news that it intends to expand charging station provision at existing Electric Highway sites, ‘doubling up’ its CHAdeMO DC quick charge and 43kW AC rapid charge stations while simultaneously installing support for Combo DC quick charging network wide.
More charging capabilities

When Ecotricity began installing DC rapid chargers for electric car drivers three years ago,the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric cars were the only ones on the market capable of recharging their battery packs from empty to 80 percent full in under half an hour using the CHAdeMO quick charge standard.


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