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China: Facilities Decide the Growth of the Green Cars

In recent years, Beijing government has issued a series of favorable polices in order to promote the wide the use of the new energy vehicles. While,the development of the relevant facilities is the key factor for the growth of the green cars.

Zhang Jing, a 26 year-old ordinary employee in a public institution in Beijing, is now considering to buy a car for her family’s daily use and the new energy vehicle is also one of her options

“Because of the favorable policy released by the Beijing government, I will consider to buy the Green cars. However, I still have some concerns about the charging service around the city and the after-sale service provided by the sellers”

Almost all the charging station now in Beijing is only available for public transportation like electric buses and electric taxi and sanitation vehicles. There are rarely charging facilities providing for private use. The shortage of the charging service brings inconvenient for the green car users.

Mr. Liu, the manager of a BYD 4s shop in Chaoyang District of Beijing, says Beijing will make great effort to improve the charging service for individual green car drivers.

“Beijing government intends to establish 100 huge direct current charging stations for the individual drivers including a total of 1000 charging posts. If this project is completed, the charging service will be as easy as refueling. The charging speed for those huge charging station is very fast and the cars can be charged to 70% to 80% within 15 to 30 minutes.”

Accessories and after-sale service are also the concerns for the potential buyers, because they believe that the volume of green cars in the car industry accounts for a smaller amount. People are worried about the supply for the accessories and the replacement as well as the maintenance for the green cars.

Liu says the green cars producers have already had a relatively matured after-sale service for their users.

“Firstly, there is no problem for the change of the accessories in all relevant authorized 4S shops in Beijing. The supply for the accessories that needed by the user is enough and the 4S shop can do all the repairs for the new energy vehicles. Secondly, the repair cost is not so high and basically equivalent to that of the fuel-powered vehicles.”

For those who only drive to work instead of for a long trip, the new energy vehicles are still a great option. Meanwhile, the cars indeed not pollute the environment.

Further, the cost for the new energy vehicles in the maintenance is even lower than that of the traditional cars because they are not equipped with engine and fuel tank. The mileage for the scheduled, reaching more than 1000 kilometers, is very long and the maintenance is simple just including the replacement for the gear oil, anti-freeze fluid and so on.


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