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Cheaper, longer-lasting electric car battery in the works

A Eugene-based electric car company, Arcimoto, is partnering with the Oregon Institute of Technology’s Energy Storage Laboratory to develop a cheaper electric vehicle battery with a longer battery life.

The prototypes will be manufactured by Cascade Systems Technology, a Hillsboro company.

Arcimoto, now in its seventh year, has finalized their design with a financial boost from Oregon BEST, an organization that contributes funding to sustainability research. The company’s name means “Future I drive.”

Arcimoto’s projection is to “develop products that help catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system,” according to their mission statement. The Generation 7 EV, Arcimoto’s latest design, will have a swappable battery to facilitate maintenance and upgrading as systems improve.

“We hope this effort will help Arcimoto achieve a competitive position in the market for its own EVs and enable the company to license the new pack design for use in other EV applications such as e-bikes, micro EVs and special purpose EVs like small electric buses,” says Oregon BEST President and Executive Director David Kenney.

Oregon BEST has also contributed to Bettery, a PSU energy-storage project, and CSD Nano, an OSU/UO advanced materials energy-efficiency project.


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