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Charging station etiquette: Do you have it?

There was a time not so long ago when making a trip long-distance by electric car required you to cross your fingers, hope that you were able to reach the next charging station with power to space, and pray to the gods of charging that the charging station was actually working.

Arriving at a charging point with other EVs

These days, with more and more motorway services, shopping malls and car parks offering electric car charging, these two problems are less of an issue than they once were. But in certain parts of the UK where electric car adoption is soaring, it gives way to a new problem: charging station etiquette.

I’m not talking about the way you should leave the charge cable or how you should report problems to the network provider however. I’m talking how you interact with other electric car drivers and share the station.

This is especially problematic at rapid quick charge stations where there is only one dual-head quick charge station capable of charging just one car at a time. And contrary to what you may have heard, most dual-head charging stations don’t give you the option of charging two cars at the same time.


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