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CarCharging and GE to Provide Interoperability Between EV Charging Networks – MarketWatch

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Car Charging Group, Inc. (otcqb:CCGI) (“CarCharging”), a nationwide provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging services, announced that the company has entered into an agreement with GE’s Industrial Solutions business GE -0.39% to establish interoperability between CarCharging’s Blink Network and GE’s WattStation EV chargers. GE will soon allow CarCharging’s Blink Network to serve as an alternative payment method for drivers and owners of GE WattStations.

The partnership between CarCharging and GE will eliminate the barriers that have existed among EV Charging networks by integrating their systems to allow drivers to utilize both companies’ mobile applications and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) cards interchangeably. Drivers will be able to activate and deactivate charging sessions for both the Blink EV charging stations and GE WattStations via either company’s mobile application or RFID card.

“GE believes that interoperability across EV charging hardware should enable greater choices for equipment owners and greater mobility for EV owners,” said Seth Cutler, lead product manager, EV infrastructure and software, GE’s Industrial Solutions business. “By working with CarCharging and their Blink Network, we are opening new access and payment channels for the entire EV industry.”

“We are proud to partner with GE and lead the way to true interoperability between EV charging networks,” said Michael D. Farkas, Chief Executive Officer of CarCharging. “CarCharging is committed to working with all EV charging manufacturers on interoperability, and we are proud to work with GE on a solution that provides drivers with easier access to both Blink and GE EV charging stations.”

The partners anticipate that the integration between the systems will be completed and introduced to drivers in the third quarter of 2014.

About Car Charging Group, Inc. Car Charging Group, Inc. (otcqb:CCGI) is a pioneer in nationwide public electric vehicle (EV) charging services, enabling EV drivers to easily recharge at locations throughout the United States. Headquartered in Miami Beach, FL with offices in San Jose, CA; New York, NY; and Phoenix, AZ; CarCharging’s business model is designed to accelerate the adoption of public EV charging.



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