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BYD bringing Tang plug-in hybrid, G5 sedan to Beijing

BYD G5 Sedan BeijingThe Beijing Auto Show kicks off next week in China and BYD has revealed its plans with the announcement of the Tang plug-in hybrid, G5 sedan and something called “542 Technology.”

Details are pretty sparse for now, but the short press release (available below) says that the Tang PHEV is going to be the first to use the automaker’s “542 Technology.” We assume those numbers mean something, but all that BYD is saying is the vague promise that it “is aiming at setting the standards for key performance of the upcoming new energy cars. The traditional standards for power, safety and fuel consumption will be once again redefined.”

As for the vehicle itself, BYD says the Tang has a “tri-motor arrangement,” with high-performance electric 4WD and the ability to go from zero to 100 kilometers and hour (62 miles per hour) in 4.9 seconds. To our eyes, the Tang has a Nissan Rogue-esque front end and the rest looks like any generic small CUV, which isn’t a terrible thing but certainly not trendsetting. The G5 is not focused on any fuel-saving features and instead “shows BYD’s IT advantage and abundant leading IT functions.” We should have more from Beijing next week


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