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Bollore Group lithium-polymer battery powers AutoLib’ electric car sharing program in Paris

Julien Varin will never be mistaken for your average dark-suited French businessman.
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With his suntan, good looks, open-necked shirt, and easy sense of humour, the spokesperson for the Autolib’ electric-car sharing company might seem more at home on the beaches of the French Riviera than in the boardrooms of the nation’s capital.

In a meeting with Canadian reporters in the company’s Parisian call centre, Varin quips that he could never attend a climate-change conference because he doesn’t own a tie.

But make no mistake: the nephew of French billionaire Vincent Bolloré is involved in a serious enterprise that could have a profound impact on the planet.

Varin, director of communications for the Bolloré Group’s BlueSolutions, is eager to describe his company’s revolutionary zero-emission, lithium-polymer battery, which powers 2,200 cars in the Autolib’ fleet.

Through a translator, he says that about three years ago the idea was ridiculed by the French media.

“The journalists said, ‘A car is like a toothbrush: you don’t share it,’ ” Varin recalls with a laugh.


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