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An Epic 12,000-Mile Road Trip Smashes Records For Longest Electric Car Drive

Taking a Tesla out for a long, long spin, using its network of supercharging stations, shows what could be possible for many electric vehicles one day.

How difficult is it to take a cross-country road trip in an electric car? If you happen to have a Tesla, it turns out it’s not very hard–the right infrastructure is already mostly in place. To prove that point, and to demonstrate what could be possible for other electric cars some day, Norman Hajjar is driving a Tesla Model S nearly 12,000 miles.

When we spoke, Hajjar was on the road somewhere in Maine, and had been driving–solo–for 5,912 miles. The Epic American Road Trip, sponsored by the electric vehicle data company Recargo, is passing through 28 states on a zigzagging journey down both coasts, and across the country twice. On Day 8 of the trip, in Chicago, Hajjar broke the world record for the longest vehicle trip ever powered entirely by electricity.

“The reality is that it’s not difficult at all, other than the whole ordeal of driving which is the same with any gasoline vehicle,” says Hajjar, who manages Recargo’s driver research division. “The key to this is fast-charging infrastructure.”


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