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A Tesla Model S is driving to all 4 corners of the US — you can follow it!

A team from Recargo, PlugShare, and Pluginsights is in the middle of an “Epic Electric American Roadtrip.” To be specific, Recargo Managing Director of Research Norman Hajjar is driving a Tesla Model S approximately 12,000 miles around the United States within about 20 days. The point is simply to show how viable electric driving now is and “the possibilities of America’s electric vehicle charging network.”

To bring the story to as many people as possible, the team has set up a website where people can track stats (regarding charging, miles driven, trip time, speed, power output, etc), see pictures and videos, and enjoy the team’s tweets.

As I type this, Norman and the Model S seem to be resting in South Carolina. Yesterday and today, they charged up at 3 stations in Florida — Port Orange, Port St Lucie, and St Augustine — and in Savannah, Georgia. They’ve spent a total of 90 hours charging since they left the Pacific Northwest. They started in the Northwest and then drove across the US to the Northeast, going all the way up into Maine. They then made their way down to Southwest Florida and are now on their way back up to Maryland, from which they will turn west and head over to the US Southwest. So far, they have directly used renewable energy 24.6% of the time.


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