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A 1000 mile range electric car; is it possible?

Dennis Miles


Dennis Miles

Founder of E.V.T.I.Inc.

An Electric Car (Compact car) can readily achieve a range on one charge of 100 to 250 miles with present technology WITH-OUT resorting to gasoline, diesel, or fuel-cell range extenders. The measured needs of over 95% of driving are met by vehicles who can drive 100 miles on a single charge. Your question, Earth, is argument generating. The real question should be how often do you drive 1000 miles nonstop? Personally while driving many times across the USA as a truck driver I stopped usually at 100 mile intervals to stretch, and eat. my semi had a 500 mile range and it took about an hour to refuel and eat at a truck stop. It could have been electric with current technology and have similar range and with CHAdeMO charging it would have charged in 45 minutes. Thus I say again your argument questioning the feasibility of 1,000 miles is spurious and should be revised to question the need for 1,000 miles of range. Many current gasoline cars on the road have less than 300 miles of range on a single tank and the drivers being human require rest stops also.
The gasoline and diesel fuel are getting more expensive and the pollution is killing us and our children, this has to stop. Already laws are being considered to stop fracking, Oil and gas are nearly exhausted. Solar, wind, and hydro are in our future and personal transport as well as buses and trains are going ELECTRIC. Revise the oil companies paradigms convert to electric vehicles. AND 100 MILES IS A REASONABLE RANGE FOR A PERSONAL VEHICLE !

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1 day ago

earth reeves


earth reeves

self employed at World Green Project

Hello Dennis,my question was to do exactly what you did; engage people into thinking and expressing them selves about electric transportation. Well done. But a argument i do not won`t. Electric Car Companys learn from our opinions, likes and dislikes, and ideas. And i learn as well. I,m an innovator, so i often think how to push the boundries, of conformity, and market choices. I as a younger man I often, riden/driven over hundreds of miles, and had many cars. I loved driving. My uncles, drove big rigs, and my dad from time to time. I used to help build high performance engines, with a master mechanic, also. And i,m not the only one, that loves to drive as a hobby. (I think) I loved the sound of a 4 barrel carburator.
So i was wondering if other people could be thinking about more range/distance?when it comes to electric cars. (they even have formula 1 electric high performance , race cars.) Electric car interest is at a all time high, with a couple great choices available to choice from. And i,m sure when people by an electric car they have researched their options and made an informed decision, as to why they are buying electric transportation. Their choice,their needs are all considered. And their range/distance is usually in the 100-200 mile/kmh category. So their demands are met, for what they need right?. Plus their keeping their carbon foot print down. This is a good thing. Here`s a question to all who read this, do you think people would buy a 1000 miles battery pack system if it was available ?
And it is true Dennis, all people have to pull over to do some thing or thee other, after a 100/150 miles or so. And with that in mind. An electric car that had an extended range package, that met the distance of 1000 miles, would not have to be recharged every time you stopped.Until the batteries totally discharge. I do not think it is unreasonable to think out side the box, when it comes to range/distance. And i have researched all the laws/restrictions in the EU,about electric transportation( i live in europe) and i still notice speed limits on the roads. And i have researched every thing i could get my hands on about electric transportation. So i thought at some point the technology will meet such demands(And Tesla just drove their electric car across america using Tesla`s charging stations along the way,just to mention)
So you can imagine, what i started thinking, How can i travel as fast, and far as a conventional auto. (gas burner)? But with an electric vehicle doing it at pace. I can,t help my self, (if it needs fixin, fix it) Thats just me! But i,m sure there are others! who might be thinking some thing similar to what i was asking, when it comes to the 1000 mile range/distance.Plus you have to factor in; heater/air conditioner/lights/ tires/ atmospheric activity(rain/snow/passenger load, all the things that should be considered, when a battery system is carrying a load.


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